Palin's Oprah Interview: Pick Your Scooplet

Sarah Palin's interview on Oprah started off newsy, with lots of talk about her McCain campaign handlers and how they restricted her, the Katie Couric interview, etc. There are a few headlines flying around this evening after it finally here are a few of them. You can pick the scooplet you think is most newsworthy. In no particular order:

1. Asked about 2012, Palin said, "It's not on my radar screen."

2. She dismissed the idea of having a talk show of her own: "Oprah, you're the queen of talk shows. there's nothing to ever worry about."

3. She said she didn't get a say in how Bristol's pregnancy was announced. The McCain campaign came to her with a press release that conveyed what, Palin suggested to Oprah, was an inappropriate level of glee with her daugher's teenage pregnancy--then she rewrote it with the aide who brought it to her...and then the campaign sent out the original version instead.

"I did not want the message to be sent out that we were giddy happy to be grandparents," Palin said.

"We see it scroll across the screen, and there it is, what I didn't want sent"

4. After all the post-campaign stories about her alleged shopping spree and how much it cost the Republican National Committee, she said that when she realized the campaign would be picking her wardrobe, she thought, "I don't like to shop, and that's one less think I'm going to have to worry about."

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5. She took the blame for any problems that arose from her handling. "At the end of the day, I'm the candidate, and if ever I got sucked into's my fault."

6. On why the McCain-Palin ticket lost: "The economy tanked under a Republican administration"..."people wanted change"....and "I think our ticket was perceived as status quo."

7. She said she didn't think the Katie Couric interview went well, but the McCain campaign scheduled follow-ups anyway. "The campaign said, 'Right on, good'...and of course, I'm thinking, 'If you thought that was a good interview, I don't know what a bad interview is."

8. She she didn't tell Couric any newspapers she reads because she was "already so annoyed" with Couric (she says she didn't like the "kind of badgering questions" of the previous interview she had done with her).

"It was more like, 'Are you kidding me? Are you really asking me?'" Palin said.

"We had just come off the most amazing rally, working the rope line for I don't know how long," Palin said. "And we're running back stage...and there's the perky one again, with the microphone and the camera rolling."

9. Levi Johnson has an "open invitation" to Thanksgiving dinner.

10. She says Levi, basically, is a liar. "I did hear that he said I never really went to hockey games, too, and just so many of the inconsistencies, that's just Levi's gig right now."

11. On why she resigned for governor, she didn't really produce an answer that satisfied Oprah, but her main point seemed to be that she didn't feel she could speak her mind about national issues without lawsuits and ethics violations being filed against her.

"Everything had so changed for my administation, there were so many opposition researchers, some of them [sent] by the Obama start the FOIA requests and the ethics violation charges," Palin said.

"It was a point where my state...was being hampered by my presence there in the shackles behind the governor's desk. I wasn't about to get up there and talk about an issue...otherwise an ethics violation would have been filed," she said.

"I decided, 'No, I'm going to get out there and fight for Alaska's issues...without having to worry that everything that I were to say would result in another lawsuit or an ethics violation charge," she said.