Mem-wars: More Americans Want To Read Rice's Book Than Palin's, Bush's

Sarah Palin's memoir has the buzz--it even has a liberal-authored spoof on the way--and President Bush has been out of the public eye since flying away in a helicopter on the day of President Obama's inauguration, meaning his upcoming book will be the first that most Americans have heard from him in the past nine montyhs.

But more Americans actually want to read former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice's upcoming memoir, according to a poll by Vanity Fair and CBS.

When asked which memoir they would be most likely to read, 46 percent said "none of these"--an apparent testament to the popularity of political memoirs today--but Rice's came in first with 22 percent; George W. Bush in second with 11 percent; Sarah Palin in third with 9 percent; Laura Bush in fourth with 7 percent; and Dick Cheney in last with 4 percent.