Lou Dobbs in 2012?

Pundits of all stripes just don't see it happening

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Lou Dobbs added his name this week to the crowded field of possible 2012 presidential candidates. When he was asked plainly if he were considering a run, Dobbs said "Yes is the answer." Eschewing the notion that rumors of a 2012 bid are "crazy talk," as one radio host put it, the ex-CNN anchor responded by asking "What's so crazy about that? Golly!" But across the political spectrum, pundits say there's plenty that seems crazy about Lou Dobbs running for president, starting, they note, with the simple fact that the former anchor has never run for political office. Of course, that doesn't mean the pundits aren't tickled by the idea.

  • Who Does He Think He Is?  At Hot Air, Allahpundit says Dobbs is delusional if he thinks he has a real shot at the White House. 2012 will not be the year for independents, the blogger writes. "If this is something more ambitious, i.e. a Perot-esque bid to win, he’s kidding himself. For all the bluster about third parties, by 2012 Republicans will be so frantic to beat Obama and so paranoid about a repeat of 1992 that all but the most alienated centrists and conservatives will hold their noses and line up for the GOP nominee."
  • At Least Sarah Palin Is Popular With the Wingnuts  Ken Layne of Wonkette says Lou Dobbs is a laughingstock. The "orange-headed bulb-nosed Mexican-hating fruitbat Lou Dobbs has really only failed at two things," Layne writes. "Being a successful television news anchor, and being a dot-com executive."
  • Is Chewbaca Running Too?  Dennis DiClaudio of Comedy Central's Indecision Forever blog says the Republican Party's slate of potential candidates is looking more ridiculous (or "hilariouser") than ever before. "Oh man, can you even imagine? Dobbs vs. Palin vs. Giuliani vs. Ailes vs. Huckabee vs. Romney? What other ridiculous people can we throw in there? Is Chewbacca planning a run? I think he'd do well in the current Republican climate."
  • Sorry, But He'd Make a Lousy President  Patrick of the conservative Political Byline blog agrees with Dobbs on illegal immigration. But that doesn't mean he's about to vote for him for president. "Lou might have his head on straight about Illegal Immigration. However, he has his head square up his rather large rear end up about economic policy and foreign trade in this country." And worse, Dobbs is a union fan. "The main thing to remember about Lou Dobbs is; when he refers to the “Working Middle Class in this Country,” he is referring to the Union Workers. My question to Lou Dobbs is this; what about the NON-UNION working middle class?"
  • Do You Think He'll Get the Hispanic Vote?  At The Los Angeles Times, Andrew Malcom is palpably amused. But he cautions against not taking Dobbs seriously. "Next thing you know, people will be suggesting that some old movie actor from California, who switched parties and peddled refrigerators on black-and-white TV, could run against a Democratic president elected after eight years of Republican controversy and scandal. And then the Republican actor could be elected president -- twice."
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