Jon Corzine's Wall Street Comeback

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On Thursday, pundits responded to rumors that former New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine could take over for Ken Lewis as Bank of America's CEO. Just last week, Corzine lost his bid for reelection, and now that he's unemployed, pundits say it makes perfect sense that the former Goldman Sachs banker would return to the world of finance to rescue Bank of America from its many woes. Just how likely is it that Jon Corzine is about to stage a Wall Street comeback?

  • Pretty Likely. Banks Need Politicians  Joseph Lawler of The American Spectator says the benefits of having a politician on staff at a bank should now be obvious. "As for BofA, if the past year shows anything it's that political savvy is the number-one trait you should look for in an executive."
  • Corzine Is Too Good For Wall Street   Bess Levin of Dealbreaker isn't sure working for disgraced Wall Street is becoming of Corzine. "I don’t really like the idea of Papa Bear lowering his standards and just taking the job because he couldn’t find work elsewhere (also: Ken Lewis’s sloppy seconds? I don’t think so)." Plus, there are so many other things he could do." She has some other suggestions for him instead. He could "write his memoirs, and finally stick it to the Christian Scientist snake who stole Corzine’s job," become "an analyst on MSNBC," or a "complete and total degenerate." After all, Levin writes, "he’s done the upstanding, productive member of society gig for a while now— time to try something new. The bonus is that this new gig would include drunkenly heckling Christie for being fat outside his office."
  • No, Corzine Will Return to the Senate  Matthew Wurtzel of Dealscape says Corzine still has political ambitions. "The discourse in local New Jersey media continues to point to Corzine's political aspirations remaining intact. Wednesday, Dealscape suggested Corzine might seek a return to the U.S. Senate in 2014 when Sen. Frank Lautenberg would likely retire at the age of 90."

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