Fox News Mocks Sarah Palin

Palin thinks Democrats took God off U.S. coins

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Sarah Palin has an unusual theory, Politico reports:

Noting that there had been a lot of "change" of late, Palin recalled a recent conversation with a friend about how the phrase "In God We Trust" had been moved to the edge of the new coins.

"Who calls a shot like that?" she demanded. "Who makes a decision like that?"

She added: "It's a disturbing trend."

Unsaid but implied was that the new Democratic White House was behind such a move to secularize the nation's currency.

But the new coins - concerns over which apparently stemmed from an email chain letter widely circulated among conservatives - were commissioned by the Republican-led Congress in 2005 and approved by President Bush.

Whoops! Liberal blogs seized on the mistake to unleash yet another wave of snark at Palin. Daily Kos: "Sarah Palin continues to peddle her special brand of crazy." Wonkette: "Sarah Palin started complaining about some mysterious Negro force that might be ruining that form of American currency, the coin. Apparently George W. Bush called the shot like that, in 2005. We blame Africa anyway!" Salon: "Apparently, in addition to closely echoing Beck's preoccupation with the menacing implications of trivial symbolism, this comes straight from a right-wing email chain."

But that wasn't the end of the fact-checking. No less than Fox News, the network that just finished warring with the Obama White House, joined the left in calling out Palin's odd statement.

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