Dobbs Polling at Six Percent

That's where Lou Dobbs is polling right now in the 2012 presidential race, according to a Democracy Corps/Greenberg Quinlian Rosner survey taken November 12-16 (via David Frum, via Mickey Kaus).

In a prospective race between Dobbs, President Obama, Mitt Romney, and Ralph Nader, the polling results are: Obama 45%, Romney 38%, Dobbs 6%, and Nader 4%, among "likely voters."

(Obama's total, it should be noted, shoots up to 58% when among "drop-off voters"--people who don't qualify as "likely voters" but who voted in 2008, are included.)*

Not bad for Dobbs, though it might be an ideal scenario for him with Romney as the GOP's nominee: Romney doesn't have much populist appeal to eat into Dobbs' prospective support base; Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee, on the other hand, do.

*I originally misinterpreted this figure as the total percent of "likely" voters and "drop-off" voters who say they'd vote for Obama. It's not: Obama's polls at 58 percent among "drop-off" voters only. The total figures--including both likely and drop-off voters--are: Obama 47%, Romney 37%, Dobbs 5%, and Nader 4%.