Crist's Aides, At Least, Knew Obama Was In Town

When President Obama traveled to Florida in late October, Gov. Charlie Crist (R) didn't appear with him--which made sense, given that he faced a primary challenge from the right, the main strategy of which was to accuse him of being too supportive of the president's stimulus package. But he actually went so far as to tell reporters that he didn't know Obama was going to be in the state.

Now, St. Petersburg Times politics blog The Buzz reports that aides to Crist were notified of Obama's trip. The Buzz obtained an email notification circulated to several recipients, plus a response from the assistant to Crist and his chief of staff, explaining that "Unfortunately, the Governor will be unable to attend" an event with the president at the Naval Air Station in Jacksonville, where Obama delivered some public remarks.

It's pretty hard to believe a sitting governor actually didn't know that the president was in his home state--especially when Crist's assistant RSVPed for him. Then again, barring further empirical confirmation, I guess he gets the benefit of the doubt...

If your opponent was using this site to raise money against you, you'd probably want to be far away from the president too--physically and mentally.