Christie: No More Negative Campaigns

Chris Christie (R) spent most of his acceptance speech thanking people and talking about how it's time for reform in Trenton, but at the end of the speech he made a poignant critique of his opponent, Gov. Jon Corzine (D), and the negative campaign he ran against Christie (though without naming the Democratic incumbent).

"The talking heads...have said you cannot win an election in New Jersey without being personally negative, without doing smear attack ads on the character of your opponent. Now in February when I announced [my candidacy] or governor, I said I knew that this campaign would get into the gutter, and I would not follow my opponents into that gutter," Christie said.

"I have worked too hard in my life to give away my integrity or any job, not even this one...and let me tell you this, through their overwhelming support tonight, the people of New Jersey said no more negative personal campaigns," Christie said.

"So now, to all of those pundits out there, to all those experts on politics, I beg you, let's turn the page, let's put the politics of the past behind us and let's start a new era of hope and optimism in New Jersey," Christie said.

Corzine took significant criticism during this campaign for taking a thinly veiled jab at Christie's weight in a campaign ad (Christie allegedly "threw his weight around" to get out of a traffic charge, according to the ad).