Abortion Activists Squaring Off Before Senate Health Bill

With the passage of Rep. Bart Stupak's (D-MI) abortion amendment in the House just over a week ago, debate over abortion in Democratic health care reform has been reignited. And with it, both sides are planning new grassroots lobbying around the future or that amendment in the Senate.

Today, the pro-choice Center for Reproductive Rights is launching the first (as far as multiple sources could tell) abortion-related TV ad since the new wave of abortion debate arose:

The ad starts running tomorrow on cable in Washington, DC, and online.

Also, on the pro-choice side, Planned Parenthood and allied groups are planning a national lobbying day in DC on Dec. 2--activists from around the country will be encouraged to come to the District for a rally, and to talk to their senators, to press for pro-choice-favored language to be included in the Senate bill. There will also be an event on Capitol Hill this Wednesday with national leaders.

On the pro-life side, the Susan B. Anthony List and the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops will be mobilizing activists to call Senate offices to press for the Stupak amendment's inclusion the the Senate bill.