You Renamed Sarah Palin's Book

On Wednesday, Katharine Rust, who curates the Atlantic's facebook fan page, posed the politics channel's Question of the Day to its fans: "What do you think we'll learn about Sarah Palin from her memoir, "Going Rogue: An American Story," slated for release Nov. 17? Anything? Bonus: suggest an alternate title (please be civil)."

The winner of the contest that we're starting and ending at the same moment... now... is:
Steve Katcher: "Winksmanship: I Can See Your Country From My DoorStep."  That's pretty funny.

Here's a list of some the more interesting responses:
Dustin Dunaway: "Lipstick, Pitbulls, Bullets & Octane."

Matthew McGowen: "You Betcha: The Life and Times of Caribou Barbie"

Gloria Larrieu: "Going Naked: S.P. Tells it All"

Oliver Griswold: "I Wish to Inform You That Tomorrow I Will Kill a Wolf from a Helicopter: Stories from Alaska"

William Hoffman: "How I Almost Became Vice President: An American Tragedy"

Audrey Nagrich Seilheimer: "You asked for a female contender, and all you got was this dumb Alaskan: A True  Amercian Story"

Matthew Bilinsky: "Exploiting Stupid People: A Handbook"

Shana Lindsay Coffer: "1,000 Ways To Make Moose Burgers"

Elaine Schleiffer: "'Can I Call You Joe?' And All The Other Stupid Things I Did on the Campaign Trail"

Jackie Millinor: "Bible Spice: How to Make Word Salad"

Armando Luna: Why I Thought Barbie Could Be President."

Todd Ahlman: "Going Rouge: An Alaska Tail"

Steve Katcher: "Winksmanship: I Can See Your Country From My DoorStep"

Katey Zeh: "It's All About Job Creation"

Nancy Pearson: "Sarah Palin's Big Pop Up Book of Real America"

Matt Rafat: "Neil Postman Redux: How Tina Fey Destroyed Palin's Chance to Play House."

Tully Michael Mills: "You Betcha: How to See Russia From Your House and other Spells From the Yukon."

Walter James McIntosh: "Tammy Fave Palin-- My life In Photos (With Four Pages Of Text)"

Lisa Harriman: I can only suggest a more appropriate name for the hip swingin', lustful winkin', party in a suit author:
Sarah Palien