What Did Ailes Say To Axelrod? Here's A Hint.

Mike Allen reports that David Axelrod sat down with Fox News chairman Roger Ailes in New York a few weeks ago. No word on what the two discussed.

However ... last week, Axelrod, speaking at the First Draft of History Conference, recalled a conversation he had with a leading light of the Republican Party:

Axelrod said he spoke recently to a "very significant figure" on the right who told him that Obama "wanted to start a national police force."  "What are you talking about," Axelrod asked. The GOPer sent him a 21-second clip from a speech Obama made in Colorado last year -- a speech on national service -- and in it, Obama said he wanted to create a civillian force that could go into countries and provide humanitarian services.... Obama used the word "civil force"  -- "They took that 21-second bite .... and it has been taken as an article of faith that the president wants to create a national police force."