Trying To Pacify The uGov Community

Here's an e-mail, sent today to intelligence community employees, from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence addressing concerns about the closure of the uGov unclassified e-mail domain. The message: there's nothing to see here.

The Intelligence Community (IC) Chief Information Officer (CIO) is
committed to providing protected, unclassified web capabilities that
support integration and collaboration among the IC and its partner
organizations. The IC CIO examined existing and planned capabilities
currently in use by a limited number of personnel and the resources
required to upgrade and increase the security of our operations.

As a result, a decision was made to gradually phase out ugov
unclassified email and implement web-based email within the IC
networks.  ODNI will migrate ugov email customers to alternate
unclassified web-based email services.  This transition will not
affect access to collaboration services, such as instant messaging,
search and discovery, wikis, blogs, document management services,
Intellipedia, iVideo and Gallery, currently offered by the ODNI.

The IC CIO is focused on providing collaborative services as an
integral part of the enterprise offering. The ODNI remains committed
to investing in and providing high-quality enterprise services for the
Intelligence Community.