The Weirdest Political Video On The Planet

In case you're wondering where to find the weirdest political videos on the planet, look no further than ACORN Man--a crudely rendered digital superhero who consorts with Missouri Secretary of State and U.S. Senate candidate Robin Carnahan (D), as well as fellow hero SEI-Ultra (a metonymy for the Service Employees International Union), to discuss secret payoffs and the construction of an underground lair, all in a computerized monotone:

So far, there are two parts in the ACORN Man series: in the latest episode, which surfaced on 24th State and YouTube earlier this week, ACORN Man and SEI-Ultra meet by a fire escape to compare notes on how ACORN is getting smeared in the media. Conclusion: SEIU has more money, plus the goon power to get in fights outside Rep. Russ Carnahan's (D-MO) town-hall meeting in Bridgeton, MO.

The videos are produced by 24th State's editor, via a video-animation site called Xtranormal. Needless to say, they depart notably from the fare offered by the most consistent producers in political attack video--the Democratic and Republican party committees.

The Carnahan jabbing--and the weirdness--reaches a crescendo in a faux campaign commercial for Russ.