The Rundown, 10/9

President Obama will again meet with his national security team to talk about--you guessed it--Afghanistan and Pakistan. They've been getting together a lot these days, with the big decision looming over the president's head of whether or not to send the 40,000 more troops Gen. Stanley McChrystal has asked for; they'll discuss again today.

Hillary Clinton, meanwhile, is out of the country. She'll be on a trip from today until the 15th, wherein she'll visit sunny London, tropical Dublin, luxurious Belfast, and idyllic Moscow.

The Senate will be in session today; the House won't be. The only hearing scheduled is a Senate Banking Committee gathering on getting credit to manufacturers.

Fans of Bill Richardson will be in for a treat, as the governor will deliver a speech at the New Democratic Network today on his recent trip to Cuba (isn't that illegal?) and his thoughts on U.S.-Latin American relations.

And in case you were wondering why Evangelical Christians matter in the geo-security game nuclear nonproliferation, look no further: the National Association of Evangelicals will hold an Evangelical Leaders Forum on "Preventing Nuclear Terrorism: Why Christians Matter" in Landover, MD.