The Rundown, 10/28

It's a day of ceremony, largely, for President Obama: he'll speak in the Capitol Rotunda at a Congressional Gold Medal ceremony for former Sen. Edward Brooke this morning, then he'll sign the FY2010 defense authorization bill, with Defense Secretary Robert Gates in tow, and then he'll make a speech this evening at the White House commemorating the enactment of hate crimes legislation.

But, amid all the Obama pomp and circumstance...NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will make an appearance on Capitol Hill today, along with former NFL players Tiki Barber and Merril Hodge, who will testify along with a host of football and medical experts before a House Judiciary Committee hearing on legal issues related to football head injuries.

After all the talk of getting tough on Iran, leave it to the House Foreign Affairs Committee to show some backbone: they'll mark up the House Foreign Affairs Committee will mark up legislation to expand economic sanctions against the dreaded gulf state.

Not to be outdone, the Senate Homeland Security Committee will mark up Chairman Joe Lieberman's nuclear nonproliferation legislation, plus a bill by Rep. Jane Harman (D-CA) requiring the Homeland Security Secretary to develop a strategy to prevent overclassification of security information--because who needs to keep security information secret, really?--and to promote the sharing of unclassified info.

The DHS secretary herself, meanwhile, will deliver remarks on cybersecurity today in Washington, DC.

And in case you were wondering whether Democratic health care proposals will hurt seniors, House Minority Leader John Boehner and House Republican Conference Chair Mike Pence are here to tell you that yes, they will. Specifically, they'll do so at a news conference today at the Capitol.