The Rundown, 10/16

At long last, some bipartisanship: President Obama wakes up in San Francisco this morning and heads to Bush Country. In College Station, TX, the president will participate in a community service forum at Texas A&M's George Bush Presidential Library Center, hosted by President George H.W. Bush. The discussion of community service will hopefully keep them off the topic of all the bad things Obama said about the latter Bush during the 2008 campaign.

With the Senate out of session and the House in a pro forma session (which is pretty much the same as being out of session), Capitol Hill will be quiet and sleepy--at least as quiet and sleepy as it can be in the midst of a major health care debate.

High School principals will get a dose of Arne Duncan as the exuberant Education secretary addresses the National Association of Secondary School Principals' National Principal of the Year Banquet. Hall passes will be available for anyone needing to use the facilities during his speech.

Harry Reid and Joe Biden will talk about stimulus progress in Reno today. Not that it's a political event, but Reid could perhaps use the attention as his poll numbers sag.

And good news for DC workaholics: Metro will be unveiling expanded cell phone service in 20 of its busiest underground stations, available starting at the end of the day on Friday, Oct. 16...which means the nation's lobbyists, Hill staffers, and political strategists can keep clacking away at their blackberries as they commute.