The Quirkiest Takes on Obama's Nobel Prize

The Twitter-happy press enjoys riffing on some surprising news

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President Obama tried to inject some lightness and humility into his speech accepting the Nobel Peace Prize. Reactions to the award have not been so quiet, humble, or even-keeled. But as the initial shock has worn off, the Twitter-happy press, pent up from weeks of heavy news on Afghanistan and health care, has begun to enjoy the opportunity to riff on some surprising news.

For a taste of more substantial thoughts about the prize, read here. For a sense of the slightly more mind-curdling, off-topic, or non-linear reactions, see below:

  • Jake Tapper: "Hold on there, tweeps, Elvis didnt deserve his Black Belt and i dont recall any of you complaining about THAT."
  • Baratunde Thurston: "In a surprise reversal the IOC has awarded the 2016 Olympics directly to Barack Obama."
  • Mark Knoller: "On CBS, they interrupted "The Price is Right" for the Obama statement. ("The Prize is _____" ... complete your own joke)"
  • Jeff Overstreet: "Oh well. Giving Obama a Nobel makes more sense than giving "Gladiator" or "American Beauty" Best Picture."
  • Glenn Beck: "Wow. Humbled. I just won Oscar 4 bst Pic on movie I 'hope 2 make'. Let it B a call 2 action 4 all those who wnt me 2 make movies."
  • Rush Limbaugh: "A greater embarrassment than losing the Olympics."
  • Mike Nizza: "The Nobels can launch a preemptive strike too. To paraphrase Bush, 'If we wait for peace to fully materialize, we will have waited too long'"
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