The Invisible Primary, 10/29

Tracking the GOP race to 2012

More than seven in 10 respondents to a CNN poll said Sarah Palin isn't qualified to be president, but respondents do think she's honest; the same poll showed Mike Huckabee leading the field of big-name 2012 hopefuls; Palin blasted Levi Johnston for his upcoming Playgirl shoot; the Iowa Family Policy Center says it's working on bringing Palin back to Iowa for a speaking engagement; Mitt Romney stumped for gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell (R) in Virginia Wednesday; Huckabee appeared at a New York Conservative Party dinner in upstate New York Tuesday night, but he hasn't endorsed their candidate, Doug Hoffman, in the 23rd district special election; according to the blog Race 4 2012, Mike Pence will endorse Kansas Senate candidate Todd Tiahrt (R); snubbed by the quasi-phony "Entrepreneur of the Year" awards being doled out by Newt Gingrich's group, American Solutions for Winning the Future, the owner of a Dallas strip club will name a shelter for pitbulls in Gingrich's honor.