Shame on You Lil' Wayne

A loyal fan lashes out at Lil' Wayne for his latest gun charge

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AUTHOR: Ernest Wilkins at Chicago Now

BONE OF CONTENTION: The most artistically brilliant rap icons keep getting "caught up in some nonsense" and getting "sent to the pokey"
 Wilkins has four solutions to keep rappers "fresh to death without getting sentenced to death"

TRADE-OFFS OF STICKING WITH OLD CREW: "While staying true to the people you came in with can pay off in spades, more often then not, it ends up costing you."

REASONS HOMIE MUST STEP UP SECURITY: "Haters are out to get you, something from your past might catch up with you."

INSPIRATIONS FOR SOME OF RAP'S GREATEST MOMENTS: Drugs, but "that's still no excuse. You don't HAVE to pour up that drank, You don't HAVE to smoke purp/haze/whatever 'cool' new name weed has these days. Be an example. Up with hope, down with dope."

OVERALL SOLUTIONS: "Stop. Being. Stupid."

These are simple things, yes. But sometimes the easiest decision ends up being the hardest one to make. I like you guys, and I don't want to see anymore of you locked up. For your fans sake, PLEASE keep your noses clean.
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