Schwarzenegger to Lawmakers: F*** You

The California governor sends a not-so-secret message

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Prank-loving California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger reportedly sent a secret message to the state's legislators--the letters down the left side of the body of the missive spell out an explicit suggestion:

This is not exactly standard behavior for a sitting governor. Blogger reactions are split between conniptions of delight and disapproval:

  • A Disgrace, writes Allahpundit, "unless of course, it's just an amazing koh-een-see-deens. Any math majors want to take a run at calculating the odds of this happening by pure chance?" Of course, he acknowledges, this note was sent to Assemblyman Tom Ammiano "who heckled him with 'kiss my gay ass' when he stopped by the San Francisco Democratic Party a few weeks ago." Allahpundit decides this is "a slight mitigating factor."
  • Okay, So Schwarzenegger and Ammiano Don't Get Along, writes Charles Lemos at MyDD. "But honestly is this any way to run a state?"
  • 'A Rare Moment of Political Honesty' is Rodney Graves's noncommittal response at Wizbang.
  • 'What an Asshole,' says Tim Redmond, who seems as uninclined as Schwarzenegger to mince words. The San Francisco Bay Guardian blogger declares that, provoked or not, "this is a rather puerile way for the governor of California to be spending his time." This sort of thing "would have taken hours" to perfect, he points out: "No wonder it's hard to get anything done in Sacramento; the gov's office is full of frat boys." His problem with the affair:
Let's not forget--there was a substantive bill here that would have helped San Francisco. So the gov is not just telling the entire Legislature Fuck You, he's also saying it to the city and county of SF.
  • Nothing But Admiration "There is absolutely no way," TechCrunch blogger Michael Arrington begins, "I'll be able to make this relevant to tech. But I'm posting it anyway." Apparently awestruck, he adds, "I wish I had the time to do this kind of thing in my posts here."
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