A small-time liberal blogger lets loose on John McCain

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AUTHOR: Jolly Roger at his blog Reconstitution 2.0

LENGTH: 405 words

THESIS: John McCain's introduction of the Internet Freedom Act is further proof that he always "act[s] on behalf of his corporate paymasters"


FEATURED SIMILE: "McCain is about as crooked as an Appalachian horse trail"

WHAT THE INTERNET FREEDOM ACT WILL DO: help "the telecoms who want to decide what can and cannot be viewed on the Web," and give McCain & Friends "the resources ... to choke off the one place left in the world that still carries honest coverage"

THE BACKUP PLAN FOR FREEDOM FIGHTERS LIKE JOLLY ROGER: "re-acquire a shortwave radio receiver, just in case..."


Can you believe this guy is STILL complaining about "onerous regulations?" What kind of "onerous regulations"-the kind that were lifted so he and his buddy Charles Keating could bring us the S&L crisis of the 1980s, or perhaps the regulations that were lifted so the financials could deliver us The Republican Depression of 2008? Isn't it funny that any time you seek to create or keep a level playing field in this country, the Rushpubliscums start screaming about a "Government takeover" and "it'll cost jobs?" Like we should listen to THEM about what creates jobs?!?

This one is so blatant an attempt to turn the Web over to the corporations that Johnny ought to be ashamed of himself for even introducing this shit on the Senate floor. Nah.... I'm wrong-after all, Johnny has never shown the slightest bit of embarrassment over the many hundreds of other times he's gone to the Capitol floor to shill for his owners. For a used-up, nasty old whore like John McCain, this is business as usual.

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