Remainders: What You're Missing On A Rainy Friday

The NSA is collecting so much data that a new number might have to be invented to describe the size of its database. (NY Review)

Binyan Mohamed torture documentation might soon be released to journalists. The UK government will appeal. The docs could shed light on how MI6 was complicit with the CIA in facilitating the torture of detainees. (The Telegraph)

More good news for Democrats on health care: the CBO score of two of the three House bills ends up at $905 billion or less. (Washington Post)

New HELP committee chairman Tom Harkin says the final Senate bill will include a public option. (TWI)

Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R-MN) is speaking to the Western CPAC convention in Newport Beach (Orange County!) California. (TPM)

The Department of Homeland Security has no INTENTION of reading your e-mail. Capability? They'll have that. (NextGov)

Telecom immunity docs might soon be released, sans the names of the companies in question. (Politico)