Palin PublishPalooza In November

If you can't get enough of Sarah Palin or you can't get enough mocking of Sarah Palin, boy, are you going to love November.

No less than four major books on Palin will be released, including, of course, Palin's own tome, Going Rogue, where she promises a take-no-prisoners approach to the 2008 campaign and the story of her life. Palin plans to appear on Oprah on November 16, the day before her book is published.

Here's a brief guide to the rest of the books:

Sarah From Alaska: The Education Of A Conservative Superstar was written by two journalists, Scott Conroy and Shushannah Walse, who covered Palin throughout the campaign. One worked as a campaign reporter for CBS News. The other worked in a similar capacity for Fox News. The authors promise a behind-the-scenes chronicle of her rise to power and a full exegesis of the tensions that developed during the campaign. Conroy and Walshe also hope to embed the rise of Palin within the context of the struggles of the modern Republican Party.

Then there's Matthew Continetti, a writer for the Weekly Standard, whose editor, Bill Kristol, was an original champion of Palin's and was a regular, if informal adviser to her during the campaign. Continetti has authored: "The Persecution Of Sarah Palin: How The Elite Media Tried To Bring Down A Rising Star." The title is self-explanatory.

For an alternative point of view, two editors at The Nation have edited Going Rouge: An American Nightmare, a compilation of essays about Palin written by liberals.

If, after November, you still require a Palin fix, you're in luck. There's another new biography due out in February.