'Latter Day Peasant Masters'

Tula Connell dishes on "corporate serfdom"

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AUTHOR: Tula Connell at Firedoglake

THESIS: The Republican governors of Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama are trying to kill American unions by awarding a defense contract to European company Airbus

THE CHOICE: "Corporate serfdom or quality jobs"

THE DECISION-MAKERS: Haley Barbour, Bobby Jindal, and Bob Riley

JOB TITLE: "latter-day peasant-masters"

WEEKEND JOB: "political puppets"

AND JUST TO RELAX IN THEIR DOWNTIME: they seek "to pit worker against worker, North against South, in a plot to cover what's really at stake"


The Republican governors' divide-and-conquer tactic has been used time and again by anti-union management: Create division between workers so they will not join in solidarity against the real threat--corporate puppet masters and their political puppets.

In the short-term, the tanker contract is about jobs. But it's also about the future of the nation's economy. Unless production-related employment in the United States is increased, our nation will sink further behind the industrialized world in research and development and the high-level involvement in manufacturing that propelled our economy to the top.
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