J-Street's Ben-Ami Wants To Anger The Left, Too

The chief of J-Street, the liberal Middle East peace advocacy group, has drawn plenty of ire from conservatives. Maybe too much...On the eve of its convention, the head of J-Street, Jeremy Ben-Ami, tells Jeffrey Goldberg in a fiesty interview that J-Street isn't necessarily going to please liberals all of the time either.

One -- he favors the Right of Return, always and forever. He believes that American military aid to Israel should never stop.

"I hope that we have a very strong left flank that attacks us, that Jewish Voice for Peace and other groups that are consistently upset with us for backing Howard Berman's sanctions plan and for refusing to embrace the Goldstone report and for standing up for the right of Israel to defend itself or for its military aid -- I hope we get attacked from the left because I would characterize J Street as the mainstream of the American Jewish community."

BTW: Despite a New York Times assertion to the contrary, the Jews on his staff aren't intermarried (not that that's a bad thing!).

And boy, Ben-Ami doesn't seem to like Michael Goldfarb.