Insurance Lobby Miscalculated: Some Evidence

Let's get the chain of events correct:

Some insurance industry CEOs start to panic about reform. They press their DC lobby, America's Health Insurance Plans, to do something about it.

AHIP asks PriceWaterhouseCooper to score a few of the Baucus mark's provisions.

Sunday, the industry issues what would quickly become a widely debunked report about what health insurance reform would mean for your health insurance premiums. Even GOPers are reluctant to use the report as a talking point -- so effectively did the White House and Democrats discredit it.

Investors freak out and start selling off their health insurance stock. PriceWaterhouseCooper acknowledges that their report was partial and incomplete.

Today, unbowed, the Senate Finance Committee passes the Baucus bill.

Only then do health insurance stocks start to rebound.

Maybe it's foolish to look at the stock prices... But it doesn't seem as if AHIP's getting a lot of traction for their last-minute panicked attack.