Hurtling Toward 2010, 10/23

The 2010 midterms are just around the corner (sort of). Here's what's happening:

Newt Gingrich defended Dede Scozzafava, the Republican candidate in New York's 23rd district special election, on satellite radio; though several conservative publications--including the National Review and The Washington Times--have called on her to withdraw; President Obama sent an email to the Organizing for America/Democratic National Committee list asking recipients to support Democrat Bill Owens in the same race; Dick Armey, meanwhile, is backing Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman in New York's 23rd; the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee led all party committees in fundraising last month with $7 million coming in; former Chicago Bears coach Mike Ditka said he never actually endorsed Illinois Senate candidate Pat Hughes (D), Despite Hughes's claim to the contrary...and then he officially endorsed Hughes; and a Rutgers poll showed New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine (D) leading his reelection race with 39 percent support, while 36 percent support Chris Christie (R) and 20 percent support independent candidate Chris Daggett (HT Swing State Project).