Get Motivated By George W. Bush!

Critics lampoon the former president's latest gig

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George W. Bush will moonlight as a motivational speaker next week in Fort Worth, Texas. The event is advertised as a "motivational mega show" that promises to inspire "the burning fire that will transform your circumstances and change your life." The stadium event, viewed by some as beneath a former president, will also feature former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Terry Bradshaw speaking on "competitiveness" and Dr. Robert Schuller, hailed as "America's #1 motivator," speaking on "goal achievement." The event billing stresses its cost, $19 "not per person but per office." Here's what pundits are saying:

  • A "Glossy Affair," laughs The Dallas News' Wayne Slater. He describes the "Get Motivated" business seminars as "part pep rally, part Christian revival meeting for salespeople who want to up their game." Get ready for a day of "patriotism, inspiration, success stories and sales tips," he writes.
  • Awesomely Ironic, writes Tristero at Hullabaloo: "The veritable poster child for the term 'miserable failure' - is being touted as an inspiration for America's businessmen and women. There's something seriously, gut-wrenchingly horrible about that."
  • "Heckuva Job, George" jokes David Saltonstall at The New York Daily News. The man clearly demonstrated his motivational charisma "inspiring millions to vote Democratic."
  • "Bush Is Hardly the First," writes Christopher Beam, defending the president. "President Reagan once got $2 million from a Japanese manufacturing company for two 20-minute speeches. George H.W. Bush made millions speaking to businesses across the world. Bill Clinton reaped more than $56 million in speaking fees between 2000 and 2008."
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