Clinton To Speak To Supporters

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will reconnoiter with some of her followers at a fundraising luncheon/policy converence in Washington, DC Nov. 6. Clinton will speak as part of a broader program that includes talks from Rep. Barney Frank (a Clinton backer during the '08 campaign) and Nancy Ann DeParle, the White House's Office of Health Reform chief who also worked on Clinton's 1994 reform push as health director at the Office of Management and Budget.  (DeParle's office says she's not speaking.)

The event is being put on by, a non-political 501(c)(3) organization that was founded in January by Clinton's backers, after she was confirmed as Secretary of State. It is headed by former senior Clinton campaign adviser Ann Lewis, and it retains Clinton's sizable campaign e-mail list.

While it is not political and cannot, under IRS code, engage in politics or endorse candidates, its founding impulse was described by Lewis as a way for Clinton's supporters to "stay in touch" after the campaign had ended. In that regard, can help sustain Clinton's network of political support though a non-political avenue.

Tickets and ticket packages for the Nov. 6 luncheon can be pricey: they range from $175 to $25,000. The event will take place at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center.