Bipartisan Agreement on McCain Fatigue

Rival pundits find common ground: they're tired of seeing John McCain

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Sen. John McCain has always been proud of fostering bipartisanship—just not this kind. The Arizona Republican's latest appearance on the Sunday talk circuit has prompted a consensus between two major bloggers that McCain needs a TV timeout.

First, coming from the left, Steve Benen at the Washington Monthly is bewildered that McCain keeps getting invited on air:

On today's episode of CNN's "State of the Union," viewers can tune in to find yet another Sunday interview with last year's unsuccessful presidential candidate, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.). For those keeping score, this will be McCain's 14th Sunday morning appearance since President Obama's inauguration in January. That's 38 Sundays, for an average of a McCain appearance every 2.7 weeks. Not bad for a senator in the minority, who isn't in the party leadership, who has no role in any important negotiations, and who has offered no significant pieces of legislation.

Reluctantly forced to agree, Don Surber hops in with him:

How bad is Republican Sen. John McCain’s constant appearances on the Sunday morning talk shows? I am agreeing with [the] lefties... By golly, familiarity breeds contempt.
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