Wilson's Wife Stands By Him

Everyone else is piling on Rep. Joe Wilson these days, but at least his wife is standing by him. In a video Wilson's campaign posted to YouTube today, Wilson's wife Roxanne talks about the "you lie!" outburst; after the speech she asked him, "Who's the nut that hollered you 'you lie!'"...only to find out it was her husband. She also says President Obama was gracious to accept Wilson's apology, and that he "doesn't deserve" the treatment he's getting "from Congress."

Democrats have called on Wilson to apologize on the House floor, and Wilson has said he won't. A censure resolution has also been suggested.

Today's video comes after another produced by Wilson's campaign after the speech last Wednesday in which Wilson said he'd apologized once to the president, and that he wouldn't apologize again, also proclaiming (in a seeming defense of his sentiments, but not his outburst) that "we will not be muzzled." See that one below: