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Yesterday former New York Giants receiver (and superbowl star) Plaxico Burress was sentenced to two years in prison for attempted criminal possession of a weapon. Burress was indicted earlier this month for an incident that occurred last November, when he brought an unlicensed gun into a New York club and accidentally shot himself in the leg. Dumb move. But even gun-toting dummies can usually rely on support from Second Amendment activists. Democratic Underground wonders why they're not defending Plaxico.

Here's a Black man who carried a gun, (unlicensed and concealed) in NY City, shot himself, but the NRA didn't jump to his defence? Why not? This would have been a CLASSIC case of upholding the 2nd Amendment, wouldn't it? I mean, a high-profile sports star brings a gun for protection, shoots himself accidentally, and now get to do a couple of years for shooting himself and losing his job (a high-paying job at that).

Where is the justice NRA members????

Will the Michigan Militia respond?

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