Why Not Include Illegal Immigrants in Health-Care Plan?

Joe Weisenthal takes a step back to poke an elephant in the room

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Barack Obama wants it to be very clear that illegal immigrants aren't a part of his health-care reform plan. But this morning Joe Weisenthal over at The Business Insider wondered if perhaps they ought to be. If "good healthcare, as it's typically described by reform advocates like the late Ted Kennedy, is a 'right' and not a privilege, ... then it's a matter of morality." In other words, illegal immigrants should be covered.

There's a practical argument, too. "We're regularly told," wrote Weisenthal, "that a major cost (to the public) is unnecessary, emergency-room care, the likes of which illegal immigrants will keep relying on under the new regime."

So here's the question:

"Does the anti-illegal immigrant stance make sense to you from either a philosophical or practical point of view?"

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