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The New York Times weighed in with an update on the tawdry John Edwards scandal Sunday, reporting that a tell-all book by Andrew Young, a former top Edwards aide, will claim that Edwards may admit fathering the infant daughter of his mistress, Rielle Hunter. Many of the details in the story previously surfaced in the blogosphere, but the Times adds some interesting color, "Mr. Edwards once calmed an anxious Ms. Hunter by promising her that after his wife died, he would marry her in a rooftop ceremony in New York with an appearance by the Dave Matthews Band."

  • John Edwards is Finished, Maybe Elizabeth Too  Mickey Kaus questioned how husband and wife could countenance such deception. "While John Edwards' ongoing agony about whether or not to tell the truth is riveting, he is rapidly becoming the Prinz von Anhalt of the Democrats--a spectacle, but he won't be making policy in the near future," Kaus wrote. "The more relevant angle is the complicity or lack thereof of Edwards' aides--and his wife--in constructing the Twin Edifices of BS with which the campaign attempted to snow the press."
  • The Leaking Staffer is Just as Bad  Rod Dreher lambasted Andrew Young, who may be worse than "cad of the century" John Edwards. "For the record, I can see where someone who participated in a disgusting cover-up would feel as if he had to cleanse his own moral taint by confessing all, but it seems to me if the penitent were truly concerned with atonement instead of capitalizing on the betrayal of a friend, he would do the tell-all interview for free, with a journalist. It's just slimy to shop around your betrayal like this."
  • The Slumming New York Times  Gawker's Foster Kamer accused the Times of rolling in the gutter, "getting a little tabloid-y, out to get some of that scandal scrilla." Kamer wrote that the Times is "definitely encroaching on the Enquirer's (and I guess: our!) territory." He called the "juicy" report "nothing like I've ever read in politics, or in any section of the New York Times but the Weddings & Celebrations and maybe—maybe, an especially gauche day for—the Sunday Styles."

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