When Wrestling Meets Politics

Lina McMahon, the CEO of WWE, has entered Connecticut's Senate race, but what are her odds?

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It is difficult to conceive of a news item more appealing to the blogosphere: World Wrestling Entertainment C.E.O. and some-time peformer Linda McMahon has joined Republican candidates trying to oust Senator Chris Dodd of Connecticut. In addition to piling-on the pro-wrestling-related puns, some commentators are seriously evaluating her candidacy and its chances of success.
  • Tag Team  Chris Good of the Atlantic's Politics channel concedes that the announcement is as significant as it is entertaining, upping the level of competition in an already fiercely contentious race: "While former Rep. Rob Simmons is the frontrunner in the now-four-way GOP primary that also includes former ambassador Tom Foley and state Sen. Sam Caliguri, the self-funding McMahon has a serious team in place."
  • Prime Time  The Moderate Voice's Joe Gandelman reminds readers that political success depends enormously on getting out the message: "The McMahons are masters at knowing how to effectively use television media. Dodd has been around, and is a second generation politician, but a big chunk of what the McMahons do is to figure out how to best use and maximize media capabilities. Dodd will have to have a toprate media team if she gets the nomination." He also rounds up interesting reactions of other bloggers who basically agree her nomination is a long-shot.
  • Action Packed  Ben Smith makes the inevitable comparison to a certain California governor's rise to power. He wonders if the circumstances are really all that similar: "The broader question -- and an interesting one -- is whether there's space in East Coast Republicanism for the kind of unapologetic embrace of sex and violence that Arnold Schwarzenegger's past brought to the governorship of California. (McMahon, of course, doesn't have Arnold's field-clearing glamor, and is a longshot by any standard.)"
  • Stay Tuned  Chris Cillizza gives a solid general overview of the current status of McMahon's entry into the race, highlighting the main pros and cons: "It remains to be seen how serious a candidate McMahon will be and how her candidacy will affect the current field. Her ability to self-fund forces the other candidates to take her seriously but her association with a company that has built its success on excess will be a major liability."
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