What Happens in the White House, Stays There

Ex-confidants of Bush and Clinton agree: you never expose the boss's secrets

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When Matt Latimer, a former speechwriter for George W. Bush, dished gossip about his ex-boss's contempt for Palin and Obama, his fellow former White House employees were aghast. Dana Perino, Bush's press secretary, tried to write him off as a "quiet guy," while Jason Recher, a special assistant to Bush, poo-pooed him as a faceless nobody.

They had some surprising company in their disapproval: James Carville, a liberal bulldog and former bosom-mate of Bill Clinton, whose campaign he managed in 1992. Carville slammed Latimer on CNN:

Among loyal partisans, it's clear that there's a single ethos: spilling White House secrets simply isn't done.

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