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Former Republican Congressman Tom DeLay performed last night on "Dancing With The Stars," and, while it's doubtful he earned enough votes to continue (and charges of vote tampering are flying), he has become perhaps the world's least likely figure to achieve bipartisan consensus: His performance--video is above--has given members of both parties cause to laugh out loud. Who knew DeLay had it in him?

  • DeLay Gaming Phone Voting System?  Jim Newell warned of a multiple-DeLay conspiracy. "Something is very wrong with this Tom DeLay appearance on Dancing With The Stars, beyond the surreal fact that it’s even happening, in real life," he wrote. "Some folks have sent us an e-mail to the 'Dancing With Delay' mailing list from DeLay's daughter, Dani DeLay Ferro, who, like her father, does not exactly have a saint's background. Ferro sends very explicit directions about how to vote for her father EIGHT TIMES, tonight."
  • DeLay Delivered  New York Magazine, while conceding that his dancing skills were "wanting," gushed, "DeLay's debut on last night's Dancing With the Stars — in which he wore what looked like a UPS uniform with a leopard-trimmed vest and mouthed the words to 'Wild Thing' to partner Cheryl Burke — was everything we expected it to be and more."
  • 'Crazier Than Sarah Palin'  New York Daily News writer Elliot Olshansky quipped, "Tom DeLay was elected to the House of Representatives 11 times, but if his performance on Monday's 'Dancing With the Stars' is any indication, he shouldn't expect that kind of longevity on the hit ABC dancing competition." Ouch! "The judges were left shocked by DeLay's hip-shaking moves--Tonioli proclaimed, 'You're crazier than Sarah Palin!'--but were less-than-impressed with the actual dancing."
  • On Twitter, Full-On Mockery  Professional bloggers and anonymous commentators of all political stripes came together to make fun of Tom DeLay. Here are highlights:
Karen Tumulty: "If Tom Delay doesn't win on DWTS, he should just make them hold the vote open for an additional 3 hours. Worked on the medicare drug bill."
Pourmecoffee: "Now is a good time to start smashing your television screens to avoid accidentally seeing Tom DeLay on DWTS tonight."
Mo Rocca: "DeLay uncomfortable with Latin dancing. What a surprise."
Jon Henke: "Dear Tom Delay: Can you tell me what comes next here? Private sector>Congress>Dancing With The Stars>_________"
Pourmecoffee: "If the Fairness Doctrine will assure I never see Tom DeLay in sweats ever again, I am for it."
Mo Rocca: "Majority Leader? The way Tom DeLay was throwing the Filipino Cheryl Burke around, you'd think he was Minority Whip!"
Kathryn Jean Lopez: "Between the president on Letterman and Tom DeLay dancing, I was physically unable to turn a tv on last night."

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