The Rundown, 9/24

After his big speech, today figures to be another big one for President Obama in New York, as he'll chair a special session of the U.N. security council devoted to nuclear non-proliferation. And we just might see Obama get one of his first international victories if the Security Council passes a non-proliferation resolution, as the president has made non-proliferation a centerpiece of his agenda this week. So, for Obama's fans that means...score!

Then it's on to Pittsburgh (which is supposed to be lovely this time of year) where the president will host a working dinner with G20 leaders as part of the G20 Summit there. The international work just never ends.

And if you love Senate committee markups, this is your week: today will mark day three of the Senate Finance Committee's marathon markup of Chairman Max Baucus's health reform bill. We hope the senators of the committee are as excited about this as we are. At the end, we could have a bill that will pass the Senate...or we could not. In the meantime, let the marking continue.

And in other markup news, the Senate Judiciary Committee will markup the Free Flow of Information Act, better known as the media shield bill. That legislation, which gained wide approval in the House, would keep reporters from having to reveal their sources, unless circumstances were extenuating. And we won't tell you who told us about the markup, unless you have a warrant.