The Rundown, 9/15

We won't believe it until we see it, but, after many months of laborious bipartisan negotiating--and with many feet tapping impatiently in Washington--Senate Finance Chairman Max Baucus is slated to release his committee's health care bill. All eyes have been on the Finance Committee for some time, with the White House waiting, and waiting, for a bill that has a shot at making it through the Senate. Now we'll find out what they've come up with...and be able to speculate as to whether it will pass.

Health care experts, meanwhile, will converge on the Capitol Hilton in Washington, DC for America's Health Insurance Plans' (the industry association for health insurers) Medicare and Medicaid conference. So, if you've got any lingering questions about the finer points of reimbursement rates and Medicare Advantage (a report on which will be released) overpayments, that's the place to be.

And President Obama will visit workers at the GM plant in Lordstown, Ohio, then address the National AFL-CIO Convention in Pittsburgh, where the federation's new president, Richard Trumka, is being ushered in. Look for many comments on health care, and maybe, just maybe, a few on the Employee Free Choice Act. He'll attend a fundraiser with Sen. Arlen Specter (D-PA), the man who gave him a 60-seat Senate majority, later tonight.