The Invisible Primary, 9/29

Tracking the GOP race to 2012

Charlie Crist will use college football to raise money for the Florida GOP on a trip to Massachusetts, as the state GOP is charging $5,000 for tickets to watch the FSU/Boston College game in a stadium box with Crist this Saturday; Rick Santorum, who will be in Iowa this week, says he's looking forward to reading Sarah Palin's memoir; Santorum also held a conference call with reporters this morning, saying the GOP needs to tone down the "shrill" messaging found on conservative talk radio; 55 percent of Minnesotans don't want Tim Pawlenty to run in 2012, while half say they might vote for him if he wins the nomination, according to a Star-Tribune poll; Newt Gingrich is on a school tour with Al Sharpton and Education Secretary Arne Duncan; and Jeb Bush will pitch education reform to House and Senate committees in the Arizona legislature on Thursday.