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Newt Gingrich and Al Sharpton have never been what most sentient beings would call the best of friends. The former is the proud mastermind of the Republican revolution (approaching its 15th anniversary), the latter a pugnacious liberal and civil-rights activist. But over the last few months, their stars have repeatedly aligned. Back in May, the notorious partisan bulldogs sat down together with President Obama to chat about education, but ended up gabbing chummily about their waistlines.

The White House powwow seems to have been the beginning of a surprising and strange collaboration, as news comes on Tuesday that the erstwhile foes are stumping for education reform in Philadelphia. As the Associated Press reports:

"We may disagree about other issues, but this is a place where we have a common" goal, Gingrich said outside Mastery Charter School in West Philadelphia. "I take education very, very seriously."

The duo have been brought together, the report continues, because they "found common ground in the concept that education is the new frontier on civil rights." Stumping together at events bearing the headline "Original Odd Couple," these are strange bedfellows who are fully aware of the power of juxtaposing their names.

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