Palin's PAC Gets More Than It Gives

Doing some quick math on the list of PACs (political action committees, aka fundraising and donating organizations that serve as a politician's political-money arm) headed by potential 2012 GOP candidates I posted yesterday, The Enlightened Despot's Nick Saint points out that, of all of them, Sarah Palin's SarahPAC seems to be the stingiest, raising more money than it gives out, and doing so to a greater degree than any other on the list. This year, SarahPAC has raised 2.653 times what it's given out ($732,867 raised vs. $276,200 given). The next stingiest (by this ratio, not by dollars given) is Mitt Romney's Free and Strong America PAC, at 1.257.

SarahPAC ranks third in money raised, trailing Eric Cantor's ERICPAC (which sits at #2) by $271,726. Romney's PAC has raised the most of the group this year.