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ACORN, pummeled and disgraced after undercover video footage showed staff members giving advice on prostitution and human trafficking, won't waltz quietly into the night. As federal dollars disappear, the group is fighting to save its reputation on Capitol Hill and plans to sue the conservative activists who captured the scandal on tape.

  • Nothing But a Hissy Fit, says MacRanger at the Macsmind blog. "This is nothing more than a hissy fit by an organization full of corruption and scandal. This move and the resulting discovery will only further cement that fact in the minds of the American people."
  • Shouldn't You Be Busy Cleaning Up Your Act? Kevin Drum asks at Mother Jones. Drum is with the conservative pundits on this one. "Points for chutzpah, I guess, but this is a bad idea on so many levels it hurts just to think about it. All they're doing is extending the news cycle on this whole debacle, making fools of themselves with transparently petty arguments, and just generally showing less common sense than your average mafia don caught on a 60 Minutes sting."
  • 'Maybe Barack Obama Will Represent Acorn in Court,' Gateway Pundit suggests. He goes on the offense, claiming that President Obama's ties to ACORN are deeper than people think. "This radical group worked closely with the Obama campaign during the election. But, the community organizing group was not open about this."
  • This Was Entrapment, John Wellington Ennis argues at the Huffington Post. He finds it suspicious that politicians were so quick to disown the organization based on a, "single independent report by conservative activists, with no follow-up investigation, no hearings, not even being provided a copy of the full, unedited video tapes shot by conservative activists James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles at a couple of ACORN offices."

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