Is There a Blogosphere in Europe?

I am in glamorous Kansas City at the moment, and am moving to England in a couple of weeks for two years of graduate school. This will mean less blogging in the near and medium terms. Hopefully it will mean smarter blogging in the long term. (I can hear Michael Goodfellow sharpening his knives in the comment section already: 'Perhaps now you will actually learn something about economics.' Perhaps.) But who knows.

I have enjoyed writing this blog immensely and will keep it up when I can. (The question in the headline is mostly serious: Are there good British blogs that I should be reading? Or books about British politics?) And I will miss the opportunity to argue with various people on a daily basis. But I very much like the idea of being a full-time graduate student, and I'm going to give that a whirl. I am pretty confident that the blogosphere will exist two years from now. I am less confident that I will have another opportunity to step off the treadmill for two years of government-subsidized procrastination. So I'm going to take the opportunity while it's here.

Thanks for reading.