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Karl Rove loves the free market so much that he has put himself up for sale. More specifically, he is selling, on eBay, the opportunity for you and a friend to enjoy a "private lunch" with him. Rove tweeted yesterday, "I'm participating in the Ride 2 Recovery charity auction to benefit wounded warriors. Bid on a private lunch for 3 w/ me." So how many bids has Rove's eBay listing received? So far, exactly zero. The free market works!

To be fair, the minimum bid is $7,500 and there are still nine days left in the auction. But the listing raises an interesting question. What is the exact dollar value of two hours of Karl Rove's wisdom, direct from the source? Commentators are frequently judged, but rarely do we have the opportunity to put a price tag on a pundit's time and ideas. What will Bush's Brain go for?

Whatever the result, it will be interesting to compare it to the other auctions put up by Road to Recovery. Dinner with politico-turned-pundit Sarah Palin, a quick meeting with Sean Hannity, and dinner with Fox News' Bret Baier are all listed. So far, none of them has been bid on. Meanwhile, a jersey autographed by West Wing actor Rob Lowe is up to $510 after seven bids.

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