A Way To Pressure Baucus, Conrad And Lincoln?

Republican activists have tried to urge the donorsphere to withhold checks from the GOP political committees as a way of punishing the alleged political indiscretions of Republican senators. Hasn't worked. An e-mail below, from a non-lefty Democrat -- a guy whose e-mails to me before have been pretty centrist, proposes a version of the tactic:

"After the failure of Schumer's public plan in committee, it's now time to come down on Baucus, Conrad and Lincoln for their dishonesty about their concerns anout the public plan option. According to polls, doctors want a public plan; Dems want it and even Republicans favor it by a plurality. The only reason the 3 of them don't support a public plan is because it is called a "public plan" and they fear they'll be demonized as socialists. As such, reasoning with them won't work.
But you know what might work? I got a call today from the DSCC asking me for money. I said, while I support many Democratic candidates, I will refuse to give money to the DSCC until the 3 of those senators change their vote on Schumer or Rockefeller's plan..  Maybe that will induce the kind of pressure (money) they understand.
And if I'm mad about this, I can only imagine how angry the left wing of my party will be."