13 Percent Of TV Households Watched Obama

That's according to the early data from TV by the Numbers: President Obama averaged 21.2 million viewers just on ABC, CBS, and NBC, for views from 13.2 percent of all TV households, across all stations that aired his speech. Will that be enough to shape the health care debate? Mark Blumenthal points out that the viewership of events like these is usually skewed toward the president's fans, as people are more likely to watch the Obama give an hour-long speech on health care if they like him and what he has to say in the first place. That having been said, 72 percent of CNN viewers liked the speech, according to an instant post-speech poll...so, among the people who like and follow him, it looks like Obama did well. 13 percent isn't a whole lot of the country, but the most important audience members were those sitting in the room.