The Sunday Shows In Seven Sentences Or Less

Missed the Sunday Shows? Here's all you need to know....

1. Taxes. On ABC's This Week, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner channeled Clinton-era Sec/Treas Robert Rubin, contending that deficit reduction was the key to long-term economic prosperity.  But the headline news, as recounted by the host himself, is that Geithner refused to rule out new taxes on the middle class. (The President promised during his campaign that families with incomes of more than $250,000 wouldn't see their taxes go up by a dime.) Geithner said that administration would do "what is necessary" to fix the economy.

2. Lawrence Summers, still finding his sea legs as an economic communicator, said that the President would pursue no policies that "are primarily burdening middle-class families."  Summers appeared on Face the Nation and Meet the Press.

3. Alan Greenspan is confident about an economic recovery and believes that TARP worked well.

4. John McCain gave President Obama an "F" on  and said he's not sure whether he'll vote for the confirmation of Sonia Sotomayor. He also said he was disappointed at the personal attacks leveled against Ex-AK Gov. Sarah Palin. McCain said he opposes the House bill authorizing more money for "cash for clunkers."

5. Harold Ford, Jr. and J.C. Watts discussed race and health care on Meet the Press. Progressives in the 'sphere seem unimpressed with Ford's performance; conservatives in the 'sphere seem disappointed with what Watts had to say. On Fox News Sunday, Sen. Jim DeMint predicted Americans would "take to the streets" against health care in August.

6. Dan Balz and Haynes Johnson promoted their new book,  "The Battle for America, 2008," on  Meet.