The Rundown, 8/7

Once again, at the beginning of every month, it's...unemployment day. The Bureau of Labor Statistics will come out with its numbers on how many jobs were lost, what the unemployment rate is, and the nation will reflect on how Americans are struggling through tough times, while commenting on how the Obama administration is handling it all. MarketWatch predicts unemployment will rise to 9.7%...if it's double digits, the White House could have a heck of a news cycle on its hands.

The Center for Strategic and International Studies will host a discussion of Iran's relationship with Venezuela, and Education Secretary Arne Duncan will address the DC public schools summer graduation event at the Washington Convention Center...though, if Duncan has his druthers, summer won't exist anymore. Hillary Clinton will still travel in Africa, and Ann Coulter will tell the Young America's Foundation's National Conservative Student Conference how to "Tak[e] Down Liberalism with Beauty and Brains" at a dinner.

The news world will try to continue coping with a lack of Vice President Joe Biden, who is on summer vacation, safely away from cameras, microphones, and world leaders on Kiawah Island off the coast of South Carolina, historic site of the U.S.'s victory in the 1991 Ryder Cup.