The Rundown, 8/14

It's inflation day! The Bureau of Labor Statistics will release its monthly Consumer Price Index, and we'll find out how much goods we can purchase with our hard-earned dollars.

The First Family, meanwhile, will travel to Bozeman, Montana and visit Yellowstone National Park (fact, stolen from Montana News Station: the last sitting president to visit Yellowstone was Bill Clinton in 1996). Oh, and there will be a town hall on health care reform...President Obama will talk to Montanans about his health care plan, which is an important thing to do, since Sen. Max Baucus (D-MT) has been heading up negotiations in the Senate Finance Committee...negotiations that have seemingly taken forever and might lead to an end of the public option, since it's looking like a co-op plan may come out of those talks. With that in mind, Obama will try to win over the Westerners.

Hillary Clinton will return from her trip to Africa, having settled any disputes over whether she's the secretary of State.

And the funeral of Eunice Kennedy Shriver will be held in Hyannis, Massachusetts. Vice President Joe Biden will attend.